Advertising on this blog?

Kompjuteraš blog is purely educational nature in IT sphere with primary objective to inform and improve knowledge of end-users of the IT sector and work in the same but not to the standard aseptic IT means of communication, but at a much more relaxed, casual way.

This site is a young player on the field of amazing blogosphere and has existed since mid-2013-the year and during that time has achieved a solid success, and now has a solid number of unique visitors and pages viewed (statistics are below) along with a large number of followers on Facebook.
Most visitors are from Serbia (about 65%), Bosnia (about 15%) and Croatia (about 10%). More detailed statistics can be viewed on this page.

On blog can be a standard advertising through banners that are found within the text as well as writing sponsored articles.


The basic rule for advertising through banners, is that the product, website or company that you would like to promote your blog posts must be from the IT or related spheres. Banners location within the text are visible at any time and at 99% places on the blog. Locations can be found at this link.
Banner can be in JPG, PNG, animated GIF or other p9hoto format or in a suitable embed flash or HTML5 format. Maximum number of banners on the blog is 2 and that two banners will appear on 99% posts on all period that you have purchased and there are no banner rotation, sharing with other advertisers, and other nonsense.
Banner are made by you and it should not deviate too much from the visual identity of blog and reserves the right to refuse if it strays too far or its content is inappropriate.
Banners can be of standard sizes 960×90 or 630×60 and of course, exceptions are possible.

Banners locations 1 month 6 months
(1 month free)
1 year
(2 months free)
2 years
(6 months free)
3 years
(1 year free)
Beginning of post 30€ 150€ 300€ 540€ 720€
End of post 20€ 100€ 200€ 360€ 480€

Promoted posts

In the case of sponsored or promoted articles, the basic rule is that the product about which I write text whether it comes to software, hardware, facilities, web portal or the like, must be checked, tested or used by me and must leave good impressions and not possess negative reputation … and will be released only if he showed good results.

Sponsored text and you can write in your company name, but the rule is the same, I need to have some experience with a given product… and that experience must to be positive.

How will promoted post look like, you can see on this post.

Price for promoted post is 40€ + 1 pro license for testing

Promoted post will be written in Serbian language (readable in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and some parts in FYR Macedonia and Slovenia). Of course other prices with deal are also possible (giveaway of pro/premium licenses, products which you manufactures etc)

Visits stats

Blog in 2015-the year, had 443.023 visits where 352.084 was unique and with a total of 735.771 page views on the site.

Detailed statistics of visitors of this blog, drawn from Google Analytics can be found on this link.

If you are interested in sponsoring a blog and promotion institutions, products or services you offer, please feel free to contact me and I will, of course, respond in the shortest possible time with more detailed information. You can contact me to email: infо@kоmрjutеrаs.соm (please, don’t copy/paste email address, type it manually – it is combination of Latin and Cyrill and it will not be sent if you copy/paste)