UPDATED 02/10/2017! The list of free Windows programs I recommend to everyone is actually some kind of an internal reminder: Which free software you can install on a newly installed Windows? It happens sometimes, that I just miss some program and I miss my phone (I have a list of default programs on my phone as a reminder, because I’m a hardbreak-geek-digitizer 🙂 so it’s good to have something like this on the blog, and it will help someone who is not informed about what to use – and to be good software.

I still see on home users computers software like cracked Nero with who knows what kind of viruses or backdoor, and on the other hand we have an excellent replacement on free softwares like CD Burner XP or InfraRecorder, or I see cracked DaemonTools and you have excellent VirtualCloneDrive (I can do alternative listing until tomorrow) …

On the list are only programs that I’ve worked with for a long time and it’s proven rom my side – they are excellent, both to mine and on users computers where I installed them so that they are in fact the best free programs for me and which I recommend to everyone – it’s nor some official list…it’s list exclusively based by mine and later other users experience.


Video Player: POT Player
Audio Player: AIMP Player
Picture Viewer: Fast Stone Image Viewer
Screen capture tool: Screenshoter.Mail.Ru
Video editor: Avidemux
More advanced photo editing: GIMP
Vector graphics: Inkscape


Antivirus: Qihoo 360 Total Security
Malware Scanner: MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
Parental control: K9 Web Protection
Firewall: Comodo Firewall


Web browser: Firefox
Email client: Mozilla Thunderbird
Download manager: Free Download Manager
Cloud based note taking: Evernote
VOIP: Skype ili Viber
FTP client: Filezilla
Cloud storage: Cloud.Mail.ru i Yandex.Disk
BitTorent client: qBittorrent


Registry Cleaner: Wise Registry Cleaner Portable
Data encryption and security: VeraCrypt
File recovery: Recuva
DVD emulator: Virtual Clone Drive
Process monitoring: Process Explorer
Partition management: EASEUS Partition Master (Home Edition)
System imaging: CloneZilla (and TuxBoot for installation on USB flash)


File Achiever: 7-zip
Password and confidential data keeping: KeePass Password Safe
CD/DVD Burner: CDBurner XP
Office software: LibreOffice
PDF reader: Sumatra PDF
Advanced Uninstaler: Revo Uninstaler Free
YouTube Downloader: Flash Video Downloader plugin for Firefox
Disk usage statistics: WinDirStat
Screen recording: ActivePresenter
Startup and scheduled process monitoring for Windows: Autoruns
Mass photo editing: Fast Stone Image Resizer
PDF creator: PDF Creator
Telnet/SSH client: mRemoteNG
SFTP and FTP client: WinSCP
VPN client: OpenVPN client
Text editor: Notepad++
Remote desktop: TightVNC
All-In-One Web server: WAMP
Virtual machines: VirtualBox
Optionally: Java, Flash Player
Phone-on-PC monitoring: Pushbullet
Controling of PC from phone: Unified Remote

Windows 10 specific software

Windows 10 bloatware remover: 10AppsManager
Windows 10 spyware remover: O&O ShutUp10


This list is live list and I’ll change from time-to-time when I find some better programs that are not on this list. As I said, the list is quite useful for a clean installation of an operating system where in one place you have everything you need and enough to download




  • New category added – Windows 10 specific softver
  • New software added for removal of Windows 10 bloatware given by clean Windows 10 install
  • New software added for killing Microsoft spy services given by clean Windows 10 install
  • Chat client removed (who else use chat clients on PC)
  • Screenshot Captor replaced by a Screenshoter.Mail.Ru who have everything what is needed for screenshot creation and sharing without any excessive possibilities
  • Trash named One Drive replaced by a Cloud.Mail.ru
  • CCleaner removed because I thing it’s a unnecessary software (I have never use it and computer works great)
  • Old and non-updated TrueCrypt is replaced (even it still doesn’t have any problem) with VeraCrypt
  • Icecream Screen Recorder is replaced by 10 time better and easier ActivePresenter


  • VLC media player replaced by POT Player. POT Player works much better and faster on Windows than VLC.


  • Added Icecream Screen Recorder
  • Foxit Reader who became to big, cluttered with many king of shitty bloatware like a Foxit Cloud is replaced by open source Sumatra PDF program
  • Pidgin chat client replaced by own portable version because of better mobility
  • File backup to cloud – added Cloud.mail.ru who works great
  • Web browser – Chrome who became to heavy for system replaced by Firefox
  • VirtualDub replaced by Avidemux
  • Added almost perfect KeePass Password Safe for keeping of sensitive data
  • Added cloud-based note taking program – Evernote


  • Fast Stone Capture replaced by Screnshot Captor who is little bi complicated by with million additional options


  • Added software for communication with mobile phone – PushBullet and software for remote PC access from phone – Unified Remote. Screamer Radio is removed because it’s not needed – everything is accessible from web browser and bookmark use


  • PuTTY is replaced by excellent and almost perfect mRemoteNG