My new three main goals in life

Starting from 13/08/2018 my life have 3 main goals: First goal – to became Linux master, second goal – to lose weight, and third – to make my English (well, OK…Ingliš) perfect.

First goal – I’m already on the good way to make myself as a Linux master. Starting from 13/08 I will work as a Linux administrator and finally, I can dedicate my knowledge upgrade and self-learning to that IT sphere, which is, let’s say – my dream from the beginning of my IT travel. I have good knowledge of Linux but from my point of view – that is not enough. Toughs from others related to my knowledge of Linux are not relevant for me.

Well…yes – my previous plan was to develop myself as a DevOps – but unfortunately, I have worked on many, many IT areas simultaneously and there was no time for dedicated self-learning related to DevOps, which will be, it that case – just another technology from billion others which I need to learn. For me, people who are experts in a million different areas are not experts neither in one…and „that people“ seems was – me. Linux and DevOps, as I see are very related with each-other…from my point of view – when I became Linux master/god/guru – DevOps will be ‘just a little plugin’ (-: That’s my thinking, maybe it’s wrong but maybe it isn’t. Time will show the truth.

Well, point two is mission (almost) impossible. General Pancreas and his superior General Liver are very heavy opponents in „Insulin resistance war“ but sooner or later we will sign a peace contract…but until that sign…we will continue with battle – I will put total embargo on carbohydrates to them – and they will bomb me with insulin rockets whenever they can and trying to make on their laboratories any smuggled carbohydrates to fat instead of energy. I have stopped with gym – but plan is to continue with that ASAP (when I adopt little-bit to new job – well…hello steel and sweat), low-carb food plan is already online (almost 3 years)…so after new start with gym – that point, I guess, will be resolved….after 15 years.

Point No.3 – it’s a clear one. I’m on some kind of average level of English (as you fucking see), I can understand everyone when they talk in English and everyone can understand me but I guess they hear my English like an English of some drunk Russian. Most usual problems for me are writing in English and grammatic, like – when to use ‘the’ and ‘a’, the order of the words in the sentence and similar common problems for people who do not have English as a native language. What will I do?

I will try to thinking in English, to write as much as possible (blog posts, English forums, etc), movies without subtitles and other things – and why not, maybe some English lessons from professionals (but maybe). I will write all new blog posts on English (there will also be a Serbian version of the blog post) and I know that – Grammar Nazis will kill me, and everyone will laugh on „РАШАН ИНГЛИШ“ but hey – I will learn on my mistakes, and I do not see problems with that.