E-mail alert when Oracle tablespaces gets low

You can run this script as a any Oracle db user and as a oracle Linux user, and you can put this script to your crontab for daily checks. Also, you will get email when DB is not started because of any reason. #!/bin/sh source /home/oracle/.bash_profile ############ VARIABLES ############## SERVER=”MyServer – `ip addr | grep […]

How to extend swap space in Linux

Sometime you will need to increase space fo swap space in Linux – and for that isn’t needed to add new disk or to restart server – if you have enought free space on current environment you can use some amount of that server for extendinx swap. In this tutorial we will use variables for […]

How to replace firewalld with iptables in CentOS 7

With next commands you will disable firewalld, install iptables services and enable them for starting with system. sudo systemctl stop firewalld sudo systemctl disable firewalld sudo yum -y install iptables-services sudo systemctl start iptables sudo systemctl start ip6tables sudo systemctl enable iptables sudo systemctl enable ip6tables

E-mail alert when disk space gets low

The following script alerts you when any of your HDD partitions is almost full. For email sending you need to have mailx installed (in CentOS: yum install -y mailx). #!/bin/sh MAX_ALLOWED_USAGE_IN_PERCENTAGE=90 ALERT_SEND_TO=”nekimail@example.com” HUMAN_FRIENDLY_SERVER_NAME=”MYSERVER – `hostname -I`” if [ -n “$(df -P | awk “{ df=strtonum(\$5); if (df > ${MAX_ALLOWED_USAGE_IN_PERCENTAGE}) print; }”)” ] ; then echo […]

Add date-time info to history output in Linux

By default you dont have date-time information in output from command “history” in terminal but you can set that by using one variable in .bash_profile or profile file. Unfortunately this cannot be used for already recorded commands in history – they will have date-time info but it will be hard-coded to date-time when you set-up […]

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to Recover Deleted Files

Established in 2004, EaseUS always takes the duty for much better serving excellent users to protect their information security as its fate, and never stops moving forward on the course of solving frustrating data problems in over 180 countries and locations. As a worldwide popular professional software application developer, EaseUS constantly takes the lead in […]

How to reset forgotten root password on VMware ESXi

Here is manual how you can reset forgotten root password on VMware ESXi, without reinstall of whole system and other shit. Reset will require rebooting of server so please before any action backup everything important from VM’s in VMware ESXi and do a regular shutdown of services and virtual machines over ssh/RDP or other remote […]