We want Linux Users Parade

First of all, there are less than 5% of us, Linux users, and our human rights are brutally violated by the state and the majority of Windows users who violate all norms of open source civilization. In our jobs we are forced to talk about how we’re working on Windows, as we have installed Office 2013, as we work every day in Excel and none of us dares to mention alternative and different software orientation.

When someone find about us that we are different from others, all pointing finger to us. I quote: “You fucking Linux monsters, go kill yourselves, lock down in your apartments and compile your sick kernel and work on Linux day-and-night and nobody will not say one word about you!

When our parents don’t see on the computer recognizable flags, immediate start with suspect that we are different but still hoping for the best… “My kid is software normally, this is not true, my kid is software normally…”

Everyone know for the case when a Linux user has acknowledged his parents that he do not love Windows and have special feelings only about Linux and kernel…. first his parents thought he was joking and then they thrown him from a computer and doesn’t gave him to return back and re-install “it”

And the our state is mocking us… “we support your rights” and patting us on the hardware with the word “we will consider”, but in other hand…they signed VLSC contracts with the “normal” operating system and buy a new license for their own purposes? No…really?

On every step our rights are at risk, abused by bloody ban, we can not walk down the street with a laptop with Tux sticker, we were forbidden access to the sports and religious events because it doesn’t allow anyone to enter with a laptop that is running the free operating system (free is now good, of course, please buy a licenses), and we are forced to have a dual-boot and prepare we are Windows-wannabe society and in public we boot into Windows to look normal to others.

Best of all is that people don’t know that every Windows user have a hidden Linux user inside of brain, people simply refuse to admit to themselves, but Android phones, most websites, most servers are alive thanks to Linux.


Our rights are threatened, and we want the majority Windows users accept us as we are and that we can in peace and without fear about the Windows firewall, we want to choking educate them every day and night about OpenSource and all media or public gatherings about how Linux is something normal and, yes, why not – better than Windows and how they should taste the same and to get acquainted with his software orientation. Let’s be realistic, when did you see on some moves that someone worked on Linux (please exclude Matrix)? There’s always the colorful Mac or Windows…and we with our 5%, where are we ???

Photo by Cyber Wanderlust| Twitter

We stay on Linux | Photo by Cyber Wanderlust | Twitter

We don’t want a repeat of the violent scene from earlier Linux User Parade when hooligans throw Windows OEM stickers and Windows 95 floppy disks on us, threatened with system reinstall, beat us with Windows Updates and other ways humiliated us. We want the freedom to compile a kernel in public without fear of restarting our computer or BSOD’s.

We want to get out from our PC case and show to public that we are working on Linux and how this is normal and that everyone sees


  1. Our state need to regulates that all programs that can be run on Windows, also can be run on Linux, especially those homophobic AutoCAD, Microsoft Office and Photoshop without Wine toys.
  2. Linux users must have a mandatory 5% of government ministers
  3. Linux users need to have, as software minorities minimum 5% of senators in parlament
  4. We need special Parliament restaurant with funny prices, like in Serbia now
  5. Linux users can also participate in other events, not only that #BalCCon2k15
  6. Linux users can participate on Microsoft events like Sinergie and to talk there about Linux
  7. All programs for LINUX also must exists and in WINDOWS space (equality guaranteed by the Charter of the EU)
  8. Freedom of movement for all users who have laptops with Tux stickers
  9. In school except English and Serbian language, all children’s need to learn shell scripting language